Supporting our UK Tree Planting Programme

Join us in our efforts towards a sustainable future by supporting our UK Tree Planting programme. Simply donate your complimentary vehicle wash and vacuum, and we'll plant a tree in the UK on your behalf to help offset carbon emissions.

By donating your complimentary wash and vacuum, you can take action towards reducing your carbon footprint and supporting carbon reduction projects. We will plant high-quality cell-grown "whips" (year-old saplings) of native broadleaf species in school locations and other biodiversity sites throughout the UK. By doing this, you will be providing habitats for wildlife, supporting biodiversity, enhancing the UK's natural landscape, and offsetting CO2 emissions.

For every vehicle wash and vacuum donated, we will plant one tree. By doing this, you will be offsetting carbon emissions through our internationally verified carbon offsetting programme. You can be confident that your emissions are immediately offset, and the trees we plant will continue sequestering additional carbon emissions as they grow during their lifetime.

Join us in our efforts towards a greener and more sustainable future by donating your complimentary vehicle wash and vacuum. Let's make a positive impact on our future together!